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about you - Kai
o2.age - Twenty
o4.location - Lake Oswego/Oregon/United States/Earth (pick one)
o5.gender -

o6.bands - Fall Out Boy, Mindless Self Indulgence, Everclear, Taking Back Sunday, Less Than Jake, New Found Glory
o7.songs - Understatement (NFG), Sonny (NFG), Where Is Your Boy (Fall Out Boy), Faggot (MSI), Pardon Me (Incubus)
o8.movies/tv shows - Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Daily Show, Stella

random it - Philosophy, Comedy, Inside Jokes, Sleep, Music, Meaningful Relationships
1o.hate it - George Bush, Ignorance/Stupidity, Lies, Country Music, Shallow People
11.worst thing you ever put in your mouth? A Ciggerette (One time, I tried a small puff...effing gross!)
12.would you date somebody that looks horrid, if they had an amazing personality? Depends, but probally not...I dont want to sound like an ass, but looks do count for something...

in your opinion..
13.spit / swallow - Spitting is gross, Swallow shows they care...
14.worst way to die - Sad and Lonley
15.sXe - Well, if you feel that drugs, sex and alcohol arent for you, then awsome! Way to stick to your morals. But why come up with your own catch phrase to represent what you stand for? Shouldnt you be doing it for your own reasons, rather than jacking up your self esteem on some stupid logo...

17.where did you hear about us? I typed in "Fall Out Boy" for interest and checked out almost every community that came up. After about five hundred communities, I came upon you, and think your the best out of the bunch.
18.promote us someplace and give the link. Ill do it later...Its kind of hard to do when Im on my laptop...
19.say cheese! (at least 1 clear pic)

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